Civil War Lament

(Kilbey / McLennan)

Transcribed by Jens Berke

Play with capo at the 3rd fret.
The chords are named as if they were played without capo.
The song has two different times:
  • 4/4 in the chorus
  • 3/4 in the verse, but with the one bar after the Gadd6-chord played 4/4 again
  • C x32010 F/D xx0565 Gadd6 320030 Fmaj7 x33210 Am x02210 C F/D C F/D C They packed us up in bo- xes, wooden bo- xes Gadd6 C And sent us home F/D C F/D C Underneath the wil- low, near the ri- ver Gadd6 C By my headstone If you do some picking like this, you get quite close to how it is played: C F/D C F/D C Gdd6 C (do some picking stuff) |0---------5-----|0----------5----|0---------------|0---------------| |---1------------|---1------------|---1-----3------|----------------| |--0-------------|--0-------------|--0-------------|----------------| |-2--------0-----|-2---------0----|-2--------------|----------------| |3---------------|3---------------|3---------------|----------------| |----------------|----------------|---------3------|3---------------| Chorus: Am Fmaj7 C And all you do is carry on play the "carry on"-part like this: C Am |0---------------|0---------------| |1----0-1 3 1 ---|1---------------| |0---------------|2---------------| |2---------------|2---------------| |3---------------|0---------------| |----------------|----------------| ..on.. ...when all you do It's snowing now it's winter, river's frozen And still you come I can almost see you, and touch you My pretty one When all you do is carry on


    (Kilbey / McLennan)
    Transcribed by Jens Berke
    When Steve plays this song live it is a bit different than
    the original song on the Jack Frost album. Here are the chords
    for the album version:
    It's just two groups of chords, changed quickly - meaning that
    you only have to pull one finger on and off one string:
    D5         xx0235
    Dsus4      xx0233
    Em9/A      x02032
    Em7/A      x02030
       D-chords        Em-chords
       Remember when I told you
       D-chords        Em-chords
       You were pretty lost
    On Steve's Acoustic & Intimate, there are a few more chords, and Steve
    plays the D-chords in the verse a bit different:
    Dsus2  xx0230  (instead of D5)
    Em7/D  xx0030  (instead of Dsus4)
    Steve plays the end of the chorus sometimes like this:
    Em7/G      3x0030
    Em7/F#     2x0030
    Em7        02x030
      Dsus2..           Em7/G
      All I have, all I need
            Em7/F#   Em7
      All I got is   providence

    Didn't Know Where I Was

    (Kilbey / McLennan)
    That's a song for real beginners: the chords are just G F C