Refused On Temple St


Transcribed by Pierpaolo Vezzaro, with a few corrections by Jens Berke

Pierpaolo writes: There is a video on Youtube of a guy playin a great version of this, he's
been greeted by Mr.SK in person!! He's using as capo; my version is pretty different, I use
open positions on a 12 stringer, and I keep a droning F# on the high e string during the main
chord progression by using a E-add9 instead of the regular Em. The F# drone is just dropped
during the bridge, this adds a cool emphasis on it IMHO.

Bm  F#m  Em(add9)   D

Chorus: G  Bm D  F#m
        G  D  F# F#7

Bridge part 1: Em(add9) D (before "Beware the cinder.." part)

Bridge part 2: Am G F# F#7 ("Beware the cinder".. part)



Transcribed by Pierpaolo Vezzaro

C9 Dsus2
C9 Dsus2
C9 Dsus2

C9 D

Fmaj7  Am
Fmaj7  G